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Maple-Soy-Chipotle Salmon Kale Mash sweet Sauvignon Blanc

So simple; 1/3 cup each: Soy sauce and PURE Maple syrup, then, depending on your heat preference, I mince 1 whole Chipotle (smoked, canned JalapeƱo ) and stir into soy / maple mixture. Pour over skinned salmon filets (4 or 5 usually) in a zip lock bag. Let marinate 2 hrs minimum—Mac 24 hrs! Two hours tonight was just right. Roast drained salmon on oiled foil on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven for approx 12 min (depending on salmon thickness and room temp or cold). Reduce strained marinade in saucepan while salmon is baking. Drizzle over salmon on plate.


Fishing for Salmon in Canada

Fishing for salmon to prepare one of my guests favorite meals. Come back and find out how to prepare some mouth watering Maple Soy-Chipotle Salmon!!